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Proceedings of the 10th Ph.D. Retreat of the HPI Research School on Service-oriented Systems Engineering / Christoph Meinel, Hasso Plattner, Jürgen Döllner, Mathias Weske, Andreas Polze, Robert Hirschfeld, Felix Naumann, Holger Giese, Patrick Baudisch, Tobias Friedrich, Emmanuel Müller (Eds.). - Potsdam : Universitätsverlag Potsdam, 2017. - VI, 255 S. : Ill., graph. Darst.
(Technische Berichte des Hasso-Plattner-Instituts für Softwaresystemtechnik an der Universität Potsdam ; 111)
1613-5652 (print)
2191-1665 (online)
ISBN 978-3-86956-390-9
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Design and Implementation of service-oriented architectures imposes a huge number of research questions from the fields of software engineering, system analysis and modeling, adaptability, and application integration. Component orientation and web services are two approaches for design and realization of complex web-based system. Both approaches allow for dynamic application adaptation as well as integration of enterprise application.

Commonly used technologies, such as J2EE and .NET, form de facto standards for the realization of complex distributed systems. Evolution of component systems has lead to web services and service-based architectures. This has been manifested in a multitude of industry standards and initiatives such as XML, WSDL UDDI, SOAP, etc. All these achievements lead to a new and promising paradigm in IT systems engineering which proposes to design complex software solutions as collaboration of contractually defined software services.

Service-Oriented Systems Engineering represents a symbiosis of best practices in object-orientation, component-based development, distributed computing, and business process management. It provides integration of business and IT concerns.

The annual Ph.D. Retreat of the Research School provides each member the opportunity to present his/her current state of their research and to give an outline of a prospective Ph.D. thesis. Due to the interdisciplinary structure of the research school, this technical report covers a wide range of topics. These include but are not limited to: Human Computer Interaction and Computer Vision as Service; Service-oriented Geovisualization Systems; Algorithm Engineering for Service-oriented Systems; Modeling and Verification of Self-adaptive Service-oriented Systems; Tools and Methods for Software Engineering in Service-oriented Systems; Security Engineering of Service-based IT Systems; Service-oriented Information Systems; Evolutionary Transition of Enterprise Applications to Service Orientation; Operating System Abstractions for Service-oriented Computing; and Services Specification, Composition, and Enactment.

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